Airport Management

The Moore County Airport is a publicly-owned and operated airport operated for the convenience and benefit of the public by the Moore County Airport Authority. The Moore County Airport Authority meets the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the airline terminal conference room at the Moore County Airport. Meetings are currently held via Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting is open to the public, and public expertise and opinions are eagerly solicited.

The airport was established in 1929 when the Tufts family, famous for their Pinehurst Resort, opened a dirt runway and named it “Knollwood Airport.” In 1935 the county acquired the facility. During World War II, the airport was leased to the Army Air Corps and was called Knollwood Army Auxiliary Airfield and large-scale military exercises were conducted at the field, practicing techniques later used on D-Day and elsewhere.

The original airport hangar is still on the field and is located just west of the rotating beacon. This hangar was home, for years, to an original World War II Stinson Reliant owned by the Commemorative Air Force.

Today the airport offers a 6,500 foot runway and is equipped with state-of-the-art instrument approaches and lighting for use in inclement weather. There are about 90 hangar spaces and a flight school. About 6,000 planes land or depart from the airport annually.

Authority Members:

Mike Jones, Chairman
Roland Gilliam, Vice Chairman
Tom McPherson, Secretary & Treasurer
John Boesch, Member
Adam Kiker, Member

Director: Ron Maness, (910) 692-3212

Airport Director:
Ron Maness
910-692-3212 ext 1002

Finance Administrator:
Carol Oakley
910-692-3212 ext 1008

Operations Manager:
Paul Puszynski
910-692-3212 ext 1003

Customer Service Representatives:
Susana Alvarez
Amber Faull
Kathy Cardona

Facility Maintenance:
Carl Cameron
Scott Jenkinson

Line Service Technicians:
Timothy Bean
Aaron Bradford
Beka Carr
Berry Fetzer
Ruben Mireles
Justin Mudler
Jody Phillips
Ruben Prinsloo
Ryan Speight
Canaan Theis

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