Welcome to Moore County Airport

This is a special part of the planet: a unique nexus of great weather, astounding natural beauty, surprising geology and fascinating American history. The legendary hospitality of the Deep South is alive and well in the Sandhills. The welcome you will receive from everybody in the neighborhood cannot be overstated: we truly are glad to see you.

From the airport, it all is available to you easily, quickly, inexpensively and conveniently. Distances are short. Prices are reasonable. Traffic jams don’t exist. There are more fine restaurants in the Sandhills than in far-bigger cities. If you’re from the crowded North, this seems like a tiny bit of Heaven. We locals are inclined to agree.

So here’s a simple plan: schedule a visit to the Sandhills, and make Pinehurst Regional Airport your starting point. We’ll get you a rental car, point you towards any one of the 40+ fine hotels in the region (plus many B&Bs and more), help you find tee times, book you dinner reservations, whatever you need. There’s so much more than we can include here, you might want to check → THIS LINK.

Special Warning: We know a guy who came down with his non-golfing wife for a golf vacation a couple years ago. On the first day he golfed, she went horseback riding. On the second day, she went shopping. On the third day, she bought a house. They never left, and that was 16 years ago. So be prepared to be delighted.

Moore County Airport - Pinehurst

Welcome to Moore County Airport,
Gateway to the Golf Capital of the World

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